• 24x36 Oil on canvas
    Prints and cards available

    The new purple dress!
    "Rose Colored Glasses"
  • 36x24 Oil on canvas
    Prints and cards available 

    This painting represents the social pressures young women face in our modern society. The location of the painting is the most photographed Instagram location in the world, the "Pink Wall" located in LA. I took artist liberties to create my own color scheme.
  • 24x30 Oil on canvas 
    Prints and Cards available

    Nothin' like summers on Table Rock Lake! 
    Contest winner chosen by Walmart for murals in their stores
    "Table Rock Twilight"
  • 24x18 Oil on canvas 
    Prints and cards available 

    These brothers are truly best buddies!
    "Best Buddies"
  • 36x24 Oil on canvas 
    Prints  and Cards available

    This painting portrays the typical teenage boy "Show'n Off" with a handstand. The subject for my painting is my nephew, who was happy to see I included the mud spot on his backside, from falling in the lake. It signifies his effort and determination to get it right, even in the seemingly carefree adolescent! The background is our local Kimberling City Bridge.
    "Show'n Off"
  • 30x15 Oil on canvas
    Prints and Cards avalible

    When visiting State Park and Indian Point Marinas, you can buy some food and feed the lake life!
    "Food Fight"
  • 18x24 Oil on canvas
    Prints and Cards Available 

    I love those summer nights at my parents in Kansas. They always have the most beautiful sunsets! I captured this moment with the brome hay, when helping my Dad feed their herd of horses out back, at the barn.
    "Hay There"
  • 30x24 Oil on Canvas
    Prints and cards available

    1st in
     series "To Survive We Must Help One Another"

    The critically endangered Black Rhino is relocated by helicopter to a safe haven by a caring crew.
    "Need A Lyft?"
  • 48x36 Oil on Canvas

    I was able to capture photos of three eagles that have been hanging out on our property. What magnificent birds! One eagle patiently posed for quite awhile but eventually got weary of all of my picture taking. She must have been around 5 years old. She was larger than her mate as females are. I wanted the painting to reflect her actual size. She truly has an eagle's eye view on the world!!!
    "Whatchu Lookin At?
  • 30x40 Oil on canvas
    Prints and Cards available

    To my delight, I captured a photograph of this stunning pair on my daily walk!

    "Seeing Double"
  • 24x30 Oil on canvas
    Prints and Cards available

    "Legends Of The Comedy Store" 2nd in series

    Men of The Comedy Store, who rose to fame in the 80's.

    David Letterman received recognition from "The Comedy Store" for a 33 year career when he retired from late night TV.

    "David Letterman"
  • 30x40 Oil on canvas
    Prints and Cards available

    Legends Of The Comedy Store" 1st in Series

    The Comedy Store is where it all began. Yakov Smirnoff is revisiting his roots as a stand-up comic at "The Comedy Store" in Hollywood. It is where the biggest names in comedy are signed on the wall!
    "Yakov Smirnoff"
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