Born in Missouri, I have lived many places throughout the midwest. My father whom I admire was a business man. His job required our family to move every other year as his career grew. My best friends during these transitions were the family dogs. It was not unusual to find me hanging out with them in the dog house. Being the new kid in school, I was a bit quiet and immersed myself in drawing. It was one of the parts of me that I resonated with the most. It took me to another world. I worked from my surroundings. I drew the students sitting around the room, the stuff on my desk and animals using reference photos from books and encyclopedias. I felt as if there was so much I wanted to learn. I received many requests for art projects from my classmates and teachers. I won my first city wide competition when I was in second grade. It was a portrait of my mom for Mother’s Day.

My mother, a gifted architectural designer along with my grandmother who taught china painting, were among my earliest artistic influences. I accompanied my mother to a community college watercolor class when I was just 5 years old. After being recognized by the teacher and often used as an example for the class, my mother later enrolled me a summer art class at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. Again, I attended as the youngest student. I loved this class. We would sit in the grass on warm summer days and draw the character of old trees. Through the years my passion took a back seat. Once married I moved to St Louis. I then applied my creative skills as a make-up artist while still focusing on the face. After my son was born, we moved to Chicago.

Shortly after the birth of my daughter I left Chicago and moved to Branson MO and raised my children as a single Mom. It was a small town atmosphere with a sense of culture and breathtaking beauty, attracting millions of people a year. As the kids grew, I attended various workshops through the years and I slowly started to enter the world of art again doing pastel commissions and a few shows in my spare time. I won several awards including Jurors Choice with SVAA and Table Rock Art Gallery. I have displayed my works at Chateau On The Lake, Ralph-Foster Museum, Branson Hilton Convention Center, and Juanita K. Hammons Hall of the Preforming Arts Center. I also participated in the National and California State Duck Stamp competitions, and have been published in the English Setter Association of America Yearbook. My paintings were recently selected by Walmart for a national program to hang as murals in four stores in three states. I am a member of Fresh Gallery, Springfield Regional Arts Council, Branson Regional Arts Council, Best of Missouri Hands, and Springfield Visual Art Alliance.

Over the years, I have traveled the world. I have been privileged to have had, many amazing experiences and numerous opportunities to meet interesting and accomplished people. I have visited much of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, and South America, and I have soaked up every moment of these beautiful landscapes. As a result of my travels, I have gained a new perspective and my art has evolved. “Seeing all of the Museums and famous artists and their work, including Michael Angelo, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Rodin, and seeing the Mona Lisa in person was a real thrill! Observing the street artists of Italy and France, and hearing about their lives, brought a new dimension to mine. Seeing Gaudi’s architecture in Spain and the representation of nature in everything he did, left a big impression on me.”

I lived in Malibu for a time, experiencing the rush of Santa Monica and LA lifestyle during my outings. Delighting in a different kind of nature, I awakened to the beauty of the ocean, and the sunrise over the beaches, watching the sea lions and pelicans from my deck. Enjoying the warm breezes and the sound of the waves crashing over the sand, was a nice break from the Midwestern winters.

Back in Missouri, with my kids through college, I am absorbed in my painting once again. I live  atop of a mountain, on Table Rock Lake, with my dogs, a cat and a conure. I am surrounded with a wooded landscape of inspiration, including an abundance of eagles, turkeys, and deer with an occasional bear or mountain lion. "It is the perfect backdrop for creating and enjoying some of Gods best work!"