Some of my earliest memories were sitting in the back seat of the car, too small to look directly out of the window. But lookin up, I saw the tree tops and the high lines, with the sun showing itself through the clouds. The window continually framed a new and glorious painting, one after another. It filled my imagination with excitement and wonder. As if twirling in the grass, I became intoxicated. I was surrounded by beauty. A pencil, a toad, a classmate sitting at their desk, and my sleeping dog all had this effect on me. They became the subjects of my drawings. I had energy EMANATING from my soul! Only 50 years later, I now recognize and describe that feeling with one word, "LOVE." Love is the intimacy through which we are all connected.

When raising my kids, they would scoff at me with irritation. "Stop staring at me!" Well, I couldn't! I have a need to study personalities and profiles, my eyes creating compositions out of gestures and textures. Those fleeting grumpy faces and the melody of lighthearted giggles, I try to capture them all in my mind. The simple moments in everyday life are my reference, with the pure magnificence in all of Gods creations.

Ah, to see life through atists' eyes
The joys of the world are my brushes
And the earth is my canvas
Each feeling conjures up
A visual masterpiece in my imagination
The trick is to interpret it
And translate it to the world

Leigh Ann Thomas